Closet Accessories

A closet design begins with the fundamental closet components—wardrobe hanging space, shelving, and drawers—but a truly customized closet, one outfitted to meet your personal needs or desires, is an accessorized closet. We can incorporate into your closet high-quality accessories that both serve important functions and add style and luxury.

Telescoping Accessories:

Valets and Racks for Ties, Belts & Scarves

Slide-Out Accessories:

Fabric Drawers, Wire Baskets & Specialty Organizers

Built-in Hampers

Shoe Organization

Jewelry Organization


Miscellaneous Closet Hardware

Unique Design, Personalized Service

Every closet or other storage space is unique, just as are your needs, tastes, and desires. We listen to you and strive to design for you and with you. Get the closet you want.
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