Kids' Closets

Hanging rods that are too high and belongings piled on the floor beneath…

Do you share this common image of a child’s closet? Many closets are built without concern for the needs of children and parents. You may be familiar with that closet—the one that doesn’t hold what it needs to or is difficult to access, by parent and child alike. It doesn’t have to be that way, and we can help!

Growing With Your Child

Our custom closets designed with modular components are perfect for kids’ closets. The key is built-in adjustability and convertibility. The closet of a young child doesn’t need as much vertical space devoted to hanging garments, but this space must expand as the child grows. Shelving and cubby spaces must adjust as a child’s storage needs evolve throughout childhood. Most of all, kids’ closets should be customized for the needs of kids, who use closets very differently than adults, even up until the day they leave home.

Key Features for Kids’ Closets

Most closet components work for kids’ closets when custom-configured for their needs:

Unique Design, Personalized Service

Every closet is unique, just as are your needs, tastes, and desires. We listen to you and strive to design for you and with you. Get the closet you want.

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