Utility Closets

Many closets in today’s homes serve purposes other than storage for wardrobes in bedrooms. And these closets also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with multiple means of access. Whatever purpose you choose for a closet in your home, our goal is to help you maximize space and usability of that closet for your purpose.

Office Closets

Home offices continue to proliferate, whether they’re used as professional work spaces or for the tasks of today’s busy households. Home offices in converted bedrooms usually have closets built primarily for wardrobe storage. Purpose-built home offices may have closets more closely resembling coat closets. Meanwhile, home offices must often be multi-purpose spaces, such as on-demand guest bedrooms, requiring the closets in these rooms also to serve multiple purposes. The key to a good home office closet is flexibility. Shelving must be adjustable, perhaps even convertible to wardrobe hanging, while being durable enough to support the weight of office supplies or books. Easily accessible drawers or slide-out baskets can add further flexibility to the storage space. Stop making do with the closet that’s there. Transform it into the kind of storage you need!

Coat Closets

A typical “builder-designed” coat closet has the ubiquitous “shelf & rod” arrangement—a single hanging rod set a bit higher than needed and a shelf above to throw stuff onto. The floor of such a closet often becomes a pile of belongings. What does this lead to? “I know I have a hat in here somewhere.” “Has anyone seen my gloves?” Let’s redesign your coat closet to make it function the way you need to use it.

Linen Closets

Is your linen closet equipped with nonadjustable shelving constructed of painted chipboard that absorbs moisture, getting sticky and impossible to keep clean? We know what you mean. How would you like custom-fitted adjustable shelving in 14”, 20” or 24” depths, made of durable, easy-to-clean laminate? Yes, we can help with that.

Broom & Cleaning Closets

Are you struggling to store brooms, vacuums, and cleaning supplies in a closet that seems to have been designed for hanging clothes or keeping folded linens? Would you prefer a closet with adjustable shelves or cubbies? Perhaps slatwall with movable hardware to hold your household tools? Both? Of course, we can help with that.

Closets in Family Spaces

Do you have a home with a closet in a hallway or family spaces like great rooms or lofts?  We often need such closets to hold family items, such as board games, electronics components, toys, photo albums, and more.  Is yours serving this purpose as well as it should?  Would you like more adjustability and flexibility?  Could help you and your family get more organized and reduce clutter?  We can help you inventory your family belongings and redesign this closet space or storage area specifically for those items.

Multi-Purpose Closets

Of course, it may be that the utility closets in your home must serve multiple purposes—brooms combined with linens, coats combined with board games, etc. We understand. These closets can be redesigned to keep these items better sorted and more easily accessible. This can help you declutter your home and reduce household stress. Let us help.

Unique Design, Personalized Service

Every closet is unique, just as are your needs, tastes, and desires. We listen to you and strive to design for you and with you. Get the closet you want.

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