Hobby & Craft Rooms

Are you a hobbyist? Do you have a collection you need to store or display? Or do you have a crafting skill for which you’ve devoted a corner or room in your home? These can be the most unique spaces we have. Imagine your space with custom storage and surfaces designed specific for what you have and what you do.

Our modular storage systems provide the perfect components for designing and building for you the unique organization solutions and work space you need. Tell us about what you do. Show us what you need to store and how you need to access it. Let’s erase the hassle of not having the dedicated space your hobby and replace it with the joy of doing what you love to do.

Features & Options for Hobby & Craft Rooms

  • slatwall with utility baskets and hooks
  • color-coordinated laminate desktop and countertop finishes
  • available Surfaces by Organizers Direct thermofoil finishes for desktops and countertops
  • available coordinated base trim and crown moldings
  • customized design and installation—We thrive on customizing your specialty space just for you!

Unique Design, Personalized Service

Every hobby or craft room is unique, just as your needs, tastes, and desires.  We listen to you and strive to design for you and with you.  Get the hobby or craft room you want.

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