Our Process

At Petroglyph Home Organization Solutions, we strongly believe that if we can’t satisfy our clients, then we would find something else to do. 

If you become our client, we aim to satisfy you by providing you exactly what you need at a fair price.  We can provide that only by using a process that emphasizes you and your needs. Here’s what we do for typical closet design and installation:
– 01 –
We Schedule a FREE Design Consultation

We operate without a brick & mortar showroom.  Instead, we bring our design consultation to you. Ideally, we will schedule an appointment in your home, where we have access to the storage space you wish to improve. For a full consultation and design appointment, plan at least 90 minutes for the entire process.

– 02 –
We Listen, Inventory & Measure

John will arrive on time, with a computer and samples, ready to go. He begins an initial consultation with a tour of the space requiring organization. He first wants to hear from you what you are looking for and why. What’s working for you in the existing space? What’s not? What does it need to do that it isn’t doing? What design ideas do you have? Do you have sketches or photos?

While listening to your needs and wants, John will take notes, trying to inventory your storage needs for the space. He will ask questions to gather more information or to suggest possibilities you may not have considered. And he will measure the space carefully, perhaps taking photos of the space to aid in the design process. John wants to become very familiar with the space itself and how you wish to use it.

– 03 –
We Introduce Samples

Since we operate without a brick & mortar showroom, a key part of our consultation process is introducing you to sample materials. We believe we use high-quality products, and we want you to see and touch product samples to know exactly what you’ll be getting from us. Along with samples, John also brings to you photo books and catalogs to help you identify your preferences.

– 04 –
We Design

How John then designs with you depends on the type and size of product you’re requesting. He may be able to produce a preliminary design and review it with you during the initial appointment. If it’s a large or complex project, John may request to schedule a follow-up appointment for design review. During this initial design phase, John strives to incorporate as much of your wish list and as many of your ideas and preferences as he can. The final proposal for your space will be a product of your input, John’s design experience, and, generally, your budget. We want you to enjoy the design process as much as the design itself.

– 05 –
We Quote; You Decide

John will provide you at least one design proposal and quote. Most likely, you will want to sleep on it; we understand. In fact, we encourage you to get competitive bids. Additionally, John will continue to revise and fine-tune your design until the moment you order. We want you to get what you want.

– 06 –
Order & Schedule

Once you decide to order, John will collect a deposit and tentatively schedule your installation. Lead times will vary. Closet or garage jobs are generally installed 3-6 weeks following the order, depending on the design options and our installation schedule.

– 07 –
We Install

At this time, John installs all the home organization systems we sell. Though John will often arrive with installation help, he will always direct installation or complete the installation himself. His attentional to detail is thorough and professional. Many installations can be completed within a day, but others often require an additional day or two.

– 08 –
We Stand by Our Products and Workmanship

A final payment on your invoice is due once the installation has been substantially completed to your satisfaction. Organizers Direct backs its wood products with a Lifetime Warranty, and we guarantee our workmanship. After living with the your new organization system for while, we will address any issues or requests for further improvement. Just keep us in your address book and give us a call.

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Family owned and operated, we help our clients find solutions that help them live easier, more stress-free lives. Call us today so we can discuss your home organization needs, wants, and dreams.

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